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Cyber Testing and Simulation

Put Your Systems to the Test

The Secure Target team loves to put systems to the ultimate test.

Cyber security and defence strategies need to continuously evolve as hackers are always trying to find the latest vulnerabilities and weak points in security systems. To create the most secure system for your business we need to understand any vulnerabilities that may be present.

Our team will conduct thorough security evaluations, based on real-world risks and scenarios, and provide a full system security report from the findings.

A range of testing services that would help you to enhance your security posture:

Red Team & Adversary Simulation

Test your defences, detections, and response capabilities with our simulation exercises that includes real-world adversarial behaviours and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that are relevant to your organization.

Application Security Testing

We measure the security posture of your website and web applications to identify any weak spots and misconfigurations, enabling you to better understand the vulnerability and prioritize their remediation efforts.

Penetration Testing

Learn your weakness and test the resilience of your security controls. Our team will give you the visibility on issues that present an actual risk to your organization.

Insider Threat Assessments

Detect assets and data vulnerable to insider threats and evaluate how security measures can reduce the risk of internal misuse and malicious insiders.

Physical Security Assessments

Evaluate your company physical security posture through our physical assessments and discover potential flaws in your current security controls. Helping you improve your security posture by testing the physical, process, and human elements of your organisation.

Simulated Phishing Services

Test your organization security awareness and get the visibility required for you to make the appropreate changes to improve your security posture.

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